Worship Service

Come Worship with Us!

What to expect when you visit the North Canton Church of Christ...

Our goal is to be like the New Testament Church. We try to be a Bible centered Church, where we can“Glorify Jesus and show Him to others”.

We worship in our auditorium, where you will find rows of pews and large screens where songs, scriptures, outlines and announcements are shown. There are no reserved seats so feel free to sit anywhere you like.

We believe there are five acts of worship:

Singing - We sing, “a cappella”, without the accompaniment of musical instruments. This is not just a preference but a conviction. The New Testament excludes instrumental music so we believe it’s best to leave it out of our worship.

Prayer - There will be several prayers offered during the service. Prayer is very important to our congregation.

Preaching - Our ministers won’t be wearing any ecclesiastical vestments which set them apart. We believe in the priesthood of believers and that all are equal. The sermons are 25-30 minutes long and always Bible centered.

Lord Supper - Every Sunday we partake of the Lord’s Supper. New Testament Churches celebrated this memorial every first day of the week and we are using them as a pattern. Plates of unleavened bread and grape juice will be passed throughout the congregation. We believe the bread represents the body of Jesus and the grape juice the blood of Jesus. 

Offering - Every Sunday we also give our members the opportunity to give their weekly offering. As our guest, you are not expected to make a donation.

At the close of the sermon the minister will “extend an invitation.” Those responding may need prayers, want to be baptized or place membership with our congregation.

We hope you will come and worship with us. You will find a diverse people from varied backgrounds joined together in love for God and each other.

Sunday Worship 9:00am
  Bible Class 10:30am
  Evening Worship 5:00pm
Wednesday Bible Study 7:00pm