October 29, 2021 Stacy Lowe

No Ordinary Family

No Ordinary Family

Cornhole Tournament - Colyn and Chet

As we approach the holidays, I love getting on Facebook and seeing all of the families as they get their fall pictures.  Everyone wants that perfect photo that they can include on their Christmas card or in their yearly letter.  I enjoy seeing the great pics with everyone laughing and smiling and looking at the camera…BUT I really LOVE seeing the imperfect pictures – the outtakes. You know the ones – the shots where the kids are crying, someone is tripping, or one kid puts bunny ears on his sister and is making a funny face.  Why do I love those images?  Because those pictures truly represent what REAL family looks like.  

REAL families are messy.  REAL families fight and fall out.  REAL families are all a little dysfunctional.  I heard a minister once claim that his family put the “funk” in dysfunctional.  I can identify with that a little.  NO family is perfect.  The crazy thing is that God created the family unit.  No matter whether you grew up in a nice family or a fun family or a family that wasn’t healthy…God created you to belong to a family.   Our God knew we needed a community of people who will love us, help us, and challenge us to make this world more like Heaven. Rarely do we get all of that from our biological families. Our Father knew we’d need a gathering who would help us hold on to the hope we profess. He, in His wisdom, created a family where we would ALWAYS belong – the Church.

As you may have seen on our t-shirts or on our cool new stickers, the folks at NCCOC claim to be “no ordinary family”.  What does that mean?  Hopefully, it means that despite being dysfunctional we strive to love our way through this crazy life. It means that through the Spirit, we will try our best to be patient and kind, not to envy or boast.  We will try not to be proud or rude or self-seeking.  We will keep no record of wrongs (unless it pertains to cornhole or euchre).  We will strive to always protect, always trust, and always hope.  Will we fail? Yes. But we will also do our best to make it right. (1 Corinthians 13).      

Over the past month, this family has met to celebrate new babies, new baptisms, and new marriages.  People have held hands with those who are hurting and have fed the folks who have experienced loss.  I’ve seen our senior members sitting down with preteens opening their hearts and their Bibles. Young and old came together to eat delicious food, play cornhole and share a laugh at our Burgers and Blessings event.  People of all ages and backgrounds joined to give away food, clothing, and comfort with the common goal of glorifying Jesus and showing Him to others.  

Our Church is not a perfect family, but it is a wonderful place to belong.  Do you want to know the best part?  There’s room for YOU.  Jump in, we’ll let you help with the chores. We will celebrate with you.  We may even introduce you to a crazy aunt or two.  Our Father will be returning soon, we want to make this place ready.  You don’t want to miss out!   -SJL

Ministry Spotlight

This past month…

·      Over 10 small groups/personal Bible studies met at NCCOC

·      577 families received food from our food giveaway

·      150,000 pounds of food was given away at the food giveaway

·      The Needles and Knots group made and delivered lap blankets, slippers, dolls and walker bags to hospitals and nursing homes

·      Over 151 families were helped with clothing

·      90 senior citizens were given food boxes

·      42 college students volunteered at the food giveaway

·      New children’s classes began

·      Around 100 folks came to our Burgers and Blessings Block Party

·      Over 1200 people signed up to receive a Thanksgiving meal

·      The teen Halloween party was a SCREAM!