August 28, 2022 North Canton Church of Christ



If you’ve been on the internet at all lately there is a buzz word that is everywhere.  The word is “influencer”.  Many people right now aspire to be an influencer.  There are many kinds of influencers – gaming, social media influencers, bloggers, CGI influencers, sports stars, and beauty influencers.  What are they?  What do they do?  These folk create content for social media, promote products and try to INFLUENCE or guide people to dress a certain way, eat certain things, or buy certain products.  Basically, they say, “I like this” or “I do this so be like me!”  Then if they become popular, companies pay them to endorse their products.

In Matt’s Wednesday morning class, we were talking about the influence that the Church has on the world around us and about how we can also be influenced by the world. On one of his points hit me right in the heart. We are either being influenced, or we are being influencers.  You and I are one or the other.  As children of God, people who know Jesus we have no choice but to be the second.  We cannot be swayed or moved by the things of this world.  We must stand up even if we stand alone.  The difference, however, between us and the “professional” influencers we see online is that we say, “Do this with me so we can be like Jesus.

Over the past month, I have seen so many people in our body influencing others for Jesus.  People that are making love and generosity the cool thing to do.  Not because they want glory or likes but because they want to turn people’s eyes to the Father.  I’ve seen busy men stop what they were doing to hear a woman’s story and express that God cares about her hurt.  Women, men and teens spent days sorting and bagging school supplies to show local kids that God does provide.  Women came together to create blankets, slippers, and dolls for people in nursing homes and hospitals so that they can actually FEEL the comfort that comes God and His people. Small acts of kindness and love in Jesus’ name are contagious.  They spread.  We have influence for God in this world.  We can stand firm on the love He shows us, unmoved by what others are doing, and pass that love on to others.

So, the question is...which one are you right now?  Are you influencing people by looking a little bit like Jesus or are you looking more like the world?  If you want to change the world for Him with your Church family – there’s room for you here!!

Ministry Spotlight:

This past month...

  •  83 seniors got food boxes
  • 265 families were served at the clothing giveaway
  • Our food giveaway served over 800
  • Over 150,000 pounds of food was given away
  • All 63 of our students were adopted by someone in the church who will pray for and encourage them
  • The Back to School blast had over 850 clients and 92 volunteers
  • 30 women came to the ladies class reunion
  • Many Bible studies were held at NCCOC this month