Teen/Adult Advent

Teen/Adult Advent - Week 2

ChrisWe are so excited to go on this Advent journey with you! Please read the daily readings for this week. Listen to the daily song. Meditate on how Jesus brought LOVE to a lost world. Share your thoughts with family and friends. Teens and adults can do the daily random acts of kindness - bring some hope to those around you!

Dec. 8

Reading: Luke 2:1-5

God orchestrated a census through the Roman rulers to make sure that His prophecy about Jesus being born in Bethlehem would prove true.  God can move the hearts of leaders like rivers of water (Prov. 21:1).  He can bring about His will in any way He chooses.  He can work out things in your life for good, too.  Discuss with a friend or family member an obstacle that you need moved in your life and pray about it together.

Song: Silent Night by Pentatonix

Random Act of Kindness: Pick a food item and take it to a food box or bring it to the Church to help a family in need.

Dec. 9

Reading: Luke 2:6

"The time came..." Is there something you are waiting or hoping for?  There is excitement and impatience when we wait.  As Christians, we can trust God’s perfect timing.  Sometimes it looks differently than we expect but His plans are good and we can count of Him. We can rest in the fact that He has a plan and will make it happen. How can you honor God while you wait?

Song: O Holy Night by Katie Nicole

Random Act of Kindness: Let someone cut in front of you in line today. Let them know they aren't alone in this world. Let them see that waiting can be a blessing.

Dec. 10

Reading: Luke 2:7, 1 Timothy 4:10

How stressful would it have been to have a baby in a strange town where you have no family or friends to help?  Mary and Joseph didn’t even have a place to stay. Sometimes God takes us to places that are uncomfortable for His will to be accomplished.  Think about a time when God put you in a place or situation that was not what you expected.  Did you see growth in yourself?  Did you see God move in that situation?  Share that experience with someone.

Song: O Come, O Come Emmanuel by For King and Country

Random Act of Kindness: Invite someone in...to your home, for a coffee, to your lunch table, or into your group.

Dec. 11

Reading: Luke 2:8

The first appearance that the angels made to proclaim that Jesus was born was to shepherds.  The shepherds were humble and poor.  They were simply doing their jobs and God showed up!  What work are you being called to do right now?  Does it seem mundane or exciting? How can you be like the shepherds?  Look for God to show up in what you’re doing right now.  Look for His kindness in others.  Look for His blessings.  Share how God has shown up in your life this week.

Song: The First Noel by Phil Wickham

Random Act of Kindness: Call an elderly person and check on them.

Dec. 12

Luke 2:9-14

God made sure that the shepherds heard His message loud and clear.  He not only sent one angel, He sent a host of angels.  The angels said their news would bring great joy.  Can you think of a time that God really spoke to you through His word or through a friend?  Did that bring you great joy?  God speaks to His children everyday.  Ask God to speak to you today.

Song: Hark the Herald Angel Sings by For King and Country

Random Act of Kindness: Send a scripture to someone to bring joy to their day.

Dec. 13

Reading: Luke 2:15-16

Shepherds weren’t important people in their day. They had no influence, no power and nothing to give to Jesus.  When they came to see Him, they brought no gifts.  What did they bring?  They brought their praise, worship and amazement. They came, hearts excited, and left telling everyone about the newborn King!  No matter who you are, God is calling you to come to Him, to worship, and to tell everyone you know about Him. Today, think of someone you can tell about the Son of God coming to save the world.  Ask God who He’s calling you to witness to.  Thank Him today for calling you into His service.  Be like the shepherds.  Give Him your praise, your worship and go out and witness!

Song: O Come All Ye Faithful by Hillsong

Random Act of Kindness: Tell someone how you see Christ in them.