The Story

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The Story - Not a Curriculum, A Revival

Starting February 5th!

NCCOC is embarking on a journey to have a better understanding of the whole Bible.  We will be looking at the Biblical timeline and will see how everything fits together.  We will also see where we fit in God's plan and story because He isn't done writing yet! This is for all ages. We are praying for God to reveal Himself and to kindle a new passion for Him & His Word.

This will include Sunday morning sermons to go along with our weekly readings, adult classes, children and teen classes, and small groups. Additional materials will be available here on our website if you want to dive deeper still!

We are asking for a commitment from you!

  • Commit to pray. Pray that God will use these 31 weeks to strengthen your knowledge of Him and your faith. Pray for the Church to find a new understanding of who God is and what He is doing today. Pray for a new passion for His Word and His Church.
  • Commit to attend and share. You cannot get all of the blessings of this study if you aren't with us. Come to Church. Get excited for what God will reveal to you. SHARE IT. This is a great time to invite someone to Church, into a personal Bible study or just to witness about what God is teaching you.
  • Commit 1 hour a week at home. That isn't much to ask. Commit to reading the chapter and or assigned Scriptures. Pray and meditate on what God is speaking to you. Engage in discussions with your family (through provided family devotionals) or with friends and other members. There will be journal or meditation questions available on this website monthly!

Books will be available for purchase on January 29th and February 5th. Each book is age appropriate. Prices will be affordable.

We are so excited to see what God will do for us as individuals and as a Church as we dedicate the next 31 weeks to getting to know Him, His Son, His Spirit and His Word better!

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Reading Schedule

Week 1

Chapter 1: "The Beginning of Life as We Know It"

Scripture: Genesis 1:9

Week 2

Chapter 2: "God Builds a Nation"

Scriptures: Genesis 12-13, 15-17, 21-22. 32-33

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Family Devos
What a great way to model to your children that God's Word is important. There are activities for preschool-high school! Spend time having spiritual conversations and some fun activities! **For the older kids, check the questions at the end of the chapters or at the end of the book (adult book)!
Family Devos
Digging Deeper
If you'd like to dig deeper, use these journal questions and use our playlists to get your mind and heart ready for God's Word.
Dig Deeper - Week 1
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Get your heart and mind ready for this week's chapter of THE STORY!
This Week's Playlist