Digging Deeper Week One

1. In the beginning God created humanity to be in perfect relationship with Him. His mission was to have a loving relationship with us in which God and humankind worked in harmony to care for creation together. Have you ever thought of God’s creation story in this way before? Why? If not, what has gotten in the way?
2. Sin enters and Adam and Eve are cast out of the garden. What do you see as the driving factor in their decision to disobey? What things drive you away from God in your life? Have there been times you knew you made a choice opposed to what God might want for you? What was the result and the consequences that followed?
3. Despite Adam and Eve’s disobedience, God sought a way to redeem the situation and their choices. What did God do in response to their choice? How has God responded to you in your life when you have made choices according to your own desires, not God’s? How has God redeemed the situation or offered his grace?
4. Noah and his family clung to the one thing they knew was reliable, trusting and obeying God. How did God honor their desire to be faithful? Think of a time when you were seeking to be faithful to God and made a decision based on that desire. What was the result?
5. Have you seen a theme about God’s desire for his people in the Creation story and Noah’s story? What is it? How have you seen God’s faithful persistence towards his people play out in your life? The life of your family and friends?
6. God gave a covenant to both Abraham and Noah. What were those promises about? In Matthew 28:20, Jesus says “I will be with you always, until the end of the age.” How is this promise related to the first promises made to Abraham and Noah? What does this promise mean to you in your life?
7. Despite all our stubborn ways, God always seems up for a good challenge. When you look at the lives of Adam, Eve and Noah’s family, what do you think God thought of their disobedience? Did it drive God away or drive him to try new tactics to connect with them? What ways is God trying to reach you?

We thank you for the way you created this world and everything in
journey through The Story. You have given us a view that is spectacular. Help us to appreciate the beauty of your creation. We give praise to you, God for the people in our lives who have revealed your grace, love, and presence to us. Thank you that you love us and pursue us, even when we are not embracing your will and desires for us. We seek you God.