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Producing Fruit

Spring is such a beautiful time. I love seeing the trees coming to life after a long winter.  I think God made spring to remind us that He is the God of resurrection.  He brings dead things to life.  I get so excited to see the buds and blooms.  The spring promises that the earth will soon produce fruit!  It makes me think of what is to come!  Soon we will be seeing strawberries, cherries, apples, get the idea! One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to make jams and jelly – any kind of jelly.  We make strawberry, blueberry, grape and we have even made dandelion jelly. Our family also loves to can peaches, to make applesauce, and to make pie filling.  Fruit is useful in so many ways – it blesses everyone.  It is proof that life has returned to the plant.  It then gives life to all those around it.

Maybe that is why we are called as followers of Jesus to bear fruit.  Jesus says in John 15:8, “By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit and so prove to be my disciples.”  We were all dead in our sins until Christ came into our lives.  We die with Him in baptism and are raised to new life. If we are truly saved and alive in Christ, we should have proof that Christ now lives in us – we should produce fruit!  The fruit should be evident to everyone around us.  It should look like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  Those around us should be blessed by it. 

Our Church and our world have been through a long winter. For a while everything seemed bleak and cold. But spring has come!!  I see our Church growing and blooming in so many ways.  Fruit is already appearing.  Our food and clothing giveaways are blessing those who serve and attend.  Our teens have blessed the city of North Canton by painting picnic tables, by helping our ladies in the backpack program and by making employment assistance bags for the United Way.                     

The ladies’ Bible class has 78 students who are studying God’s word and are inviting friends! Our Cast Your Net ministry has our older members mentoring our young men. This Church is preparing for a fantastic year of camp.  Every detail from curriculum to worship to classes are being researched and prayed over. Three people have been baptized into Christ. Our song leaders and praise team prayerfully choose what we collectively proclaim to our Father and each other in song each week and spend hours planning and practicing. We had over 300 folks here on Easter.  The fruit is proof of changed lives and of Christ working in His people!  It’s so exciting to see how God will use this fruit for His glory.  

Are you producing fruit?  If so, we are standing beside you, watching how God will use it.  If you aren’t, please join us!  We would love to help you with protecting, weeding and watering the precious seed that God has planted in your heart!  He is going to produce fruit in you, too!

Ministry Spotlight:

         This past month…

·      90 seniors got food boxes

·      233 people were served at the clothing giveaway

·      615 families received food at our giveaway, 130,000 pounds of food was given 

·      Our teens have painted picnic tables, stuffed eggs for the children’s Easter egg hunt, packed backpacks for the backpack ministry, and made employment assistance bags for the United Way

·      Teens had a successful Mystery Mission Trip to the Disaster Relief Warehouse

·      Over 200 people heard about our Church at the Jaycees Fair in North Canton where candy and invite cards were passed out

·      Our Needles and Knots group made and delivered 25 slipper sets, dolls, 44 lap-robes, and 75 wheelchair bags for St. Luke’s, Windsor and hospice

·      3 successful egg hunts were held at NCCOC

·      76 backpacks of food were given to local schools each week this month

·      78 women have been attending our ladies Bible class on Wednesday nights

·      3 people were baptized into Christ

·       Several Bible studies and small groups met each week at NCCOC

“Glorify God and Show Him to Others”

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Your People, Your Purpose

One of the things that the pandemic taught me is that I NEED people. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t mind the slower schedule of the pandemic.  I enjoyed how we had to be creative in making our own fun at the Lowe house.  But I longed to get together with extended family, to sit across the table from a good friend and especially to come to worship with my brothers and sisters. Whether you are a self-proclaimed introvert or a big-time extrovert – you need people.  God created you that way.  We are not made to do this life alone. 

That being said, I struggle sometimes to fit in.  It’s hard to find places where I can really be myself and be fully accepted.  So often I find myself surrounded by people but feeling very alone.  Satan seems to whisper lies to me that makes me think that I’d be more comfortable by myself. That life is easier solo.  But that is a fib straight from the “Father of Lies” (John 8:44).  The TRUTH is God created you to need people, to thrive in a community. In Genesis 2:18 it says, “It is not good for man to be alone…”.  Part of your DESIGN is to work with, live with and love people – God’s people.  

1 Peter 2:9 puts it this way: “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. Once you were not a people, but now you are the people of God;”

Peter tells us that we were chosen (by God), that we are a royal priesthood (that means all of us are ministers of God – we have a job), we are a holy nation (united under one King), God’s special possession (we do not belong to ourselves) to do something – declare HIS praises. Peter also says:


“As you come to Him, the living Stone—rejected by humans but chosen by God and precious to him— you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.”

What does that mean? We were made with a purpose in mind.  We MUST come together to be used by God to build something beautiful that points to our Creator. A building cannot be made with one brick!  If we are not working and serving and sacrificing our lives with our brothers and sisters than we are NOT fulfilling our purpose! 

Satan’s greatest work is to distract us and isolate us so that he can DEVOUR us. 1 Peter 5:8 says, “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someONE to devour.” 

We are not meant to be on our own.  When bricks are put together there isn’t space between them.  They are literally stuck together for a specific purpose.  If some of the bricks are loose, the building is weak, unstable and not useful.

I’m so thankful that we are members of a family that offers so many opportunities to build something beautiful together.  Our teens just started a new series where they are learning to “love their Church and community” and discussing the Great Commission.  Anthony is organizing mini-mission trips every Wednesday night. This past week, they bagged groceries for this month’s giveaway. The Needles and Knots group gets together to sew walker bags for the local nursing homes and baby blankets for new moms.  Our food and clothing giveaways remind our community that they are seen and that they have people who care. All of these ministries are building a beautiful temple that points to God! Don’t you want to be a part of that?  It’s what you were made for!  You were chosen. You have a people. You have a purpose! There is a place for YOU here.  

Ministry Spotlight:

         This past month…

·      90 seniors got food boxes

·      696 families received food at our giveaway, 130,000 pounds of food was given 

·      Teens met every Sunday for Bible study and fellowship and Wednesday for service work

·      76 backpacks of food were given to local schools each week this month

·      54 women attended our ladies Bible class on Wednesday

·      Several Bible studies and small groups met each week at NCCOC

“Glorify God and Show Him to Others”

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I know after the weather we had this past week; this next statement may be met with some opposition: I LOVE SNOW.  There is something very special when the snow is falling and wrapping everything in a beautiful blanket of white.  I love to go outside at night when the flakes are flying and just watch and listen.  Are you amazed at how quiet it is?  There is a stillness that snow brings.  Did you know that it really IS QUIETER after a good snowstorm?  According to scientists, snow is made of ice crystals, which have space between them. These open spaces absorb sound waves, creating that serene quiet that happens right after a snowstorm. One study found that just 2 inches of snow can absorb 60% of sound waves. The lighter and fluffier the snow, the better it will be at absorbing sound waves.  Isn’t God amazing?  He knows we need peace and quiet, so he finds many ways to give it to us.  It makes me think of Mark 4:39 when the storm is raging and Jesus says, “Peace, be still.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m not good at being still.  I tend to be an on-the-go person.  I’m not happy unless I’m moving.  However, God through His Word tells us to “Be still” (Psalm 46:10 and Exodus 14:14). Why?  Scripture says its so that we can know Him and let HIM do His work.  

January is a hard month for many people.  We come down off the highs of Christmas parties, presents, and pageants.  We rest for a few days and then we are hit with the hum-drum of January.  Mentally, it can be a depressing time.  But what if we leaned into this idea of being still, of sitting quietly and watching God work and move?  

What if instead of being busy with many things, we were like Mary and chose the one thing that is better (Luke 10:42) - sitting at Jesus’ feet and getting to know Him?  What if we took the spotlight off of what we are accomplishing and shine a light on what God is doing in us and all around us?

In our seasons of STILLness we need to realize that God is STILL working. 

Sometimes when we are in a time of silence or quietness, we feel like God is not doing anything. I believe the opposite of that is true.  I think of the silence that came between that terrible Friday and the resurrection Sunday. God was raising Jesus, conquering death, saving mankind…but the followers only saw darkness and heard only silence.  It seems like God does some of His most amazing work in the dark, quiet moments. So, this month, when it gets dark before dinner time and you’re tempted to get “down” in all the down-time, remind yourself that in the STILLness God is STILL working.  His people are STILL serving.  The Kingdom is STILL moving forward!! Pray for open eyes to see His hand in all the things going on around you.  Expect that He is working all things for good. Be still and KNOW that He is God – and be ready – He may need you to get moving!

Ministry Spotlight:

         This past month…

·      90 seniors got food boxes

·      589 people received food at our giveaway, 155 skids of food and over 100,000 pounds of food was given 

·      Over 100 volunteers came from North Canton City Schools, Walsh University, Malone University, Hoover High School, First Friends Youth Group, and Grand Central Church of Christ to help with the food giveaway

·      Teens met every Sunday for Bible study and fellowship

·      304 backpacks of food were given to local schools each week this month

“Glorify God and Show Him to Others”

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Hope For Everyone

This month, our Church family has been participating in Advent.  We are anticipating the coming of Jesus.  We prepare to celebrate His first coming – God in flesh, born in a stable.  We decorate our homes, make cookies, wrap presents, and sing songs.  We prepare for the celebration with our family, our friends, and the Church.  This is such a fun time to retell the story of His birth, to remember the joy that was brought to the Earth when our Messiah, our Savior came to be with us!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes after all the parties and services and presents my heart feels a little sad.  There’s a letdown or a feeling of disappointment after all the hype.  I think I know why that is.  Our hearts are really longing for His second coming,  The day He comes on the clouds, and we rise to meet Him in the air.  We wait for the time when everything is made right – a new Heaven and a new Earth.  We hunger for the day that we will be fully known AND fully loved – the day when there is no more tears or sickness or pain.  But that day isn’t today so what do we do while we wait?  

We hold on to hope.

“We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance.  And endurance develops strength of character, and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation.  AND THIS HOPE WILL NOT LEAD TO DISAPPOINTMENT.” Romans 5:3-5 (NLT)

In last 2 years, we’ve all ‘run into problems and trials’ – more than we ever imagined.  Life hasn’t been easy, but God is developing our endurance, our strength of character, and is giving us CONFIDENT HOPE!  

God is giving us this great HOPE through His Son, so how do we practically hang on to it?


We train our eyes to see hope!  

Even in 2020 and 2021 we have been surrounded by people who are acting in faith and bringing a thrill of hope to the weary world we are living in. We must remind ourselves to look for what God is doing through His people and creation every day!

This month, our Church has found so many ways to bring hope to our community!  Over 300 children were given gifts for Christmas at the stocking stuffer giveaway.  Over 200 people got warm clothing from the clothing giveaway. On Saturday, over 665 families had their cars filled to overflowing with good food, hot chocolate, and candy so that they can celebrate this holiday season with their families!  Our teens got to take over $1700 and go shop for 60 inner-city kids that needed extra help for Christmas. Families spread Christmas cheer by visiting some of our members and proclaiming Jesus’ birth through song!  Our backpack ministry hands out 69 backpacks at 7 schools in North Canton each week so that kids don’t go hungry over the weekend. This month they put together special bags that will last each child over the long Christmas break.  You see, hope is all around us! 

The most important thing we can do in the waiting is 

BE HOPE for someone else!

If you are a baptized believer, you are filled with the Holy Spirit. Our God lives in you! Each time you walk into a room, you bring the presence of God into that place!  You bring LOVE, JOY, PEACE AND HOPE into every home, workplace, store, or church building.  Are you letting His hope shine through you?  If not, it’s not too late to start. Ask God to use you as a carrier of His HOPE this holiday season!

Ministry Spotlight:

         This past month…

·      90 seniors got food boxes

·      237 people received clothing this month

·      Over 300 children were given stocking stuffers

·      665+ families received food

·      47 women attended our ornament exchange

·      60 kids were shopped for and surprised with gifts by the teens

·      Multiple in-person and online Bible studies took place that were led by NCCOC members

·      69 weekend backpacks of food were given out each week to kids in need

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Feed My Sheep

If you talk to anyone about Thanksgiving, you’ll quickly find that much of the emphasis is on the food.  I’ve been asked several times in the past weeks, “What’s on your Thanksgiving Day menu?” People love to ask others about their favorite Thanksgiving dishes. In some families, it’s all about the bird.  Others rave about homemade mac-n-cheese or stuffing. Dessert plays a big role in the meal, too.  And…hello - we cannot forget the gravy!  

Food seems to be important in many situations.  When you get together with family, it’s typically over a meal.  Birthdays are celebrated with special dinners.  Brides and grooms host feasts after their wedding ceremonies for their guests.  Even at funerals we end our time together breaking bread. 

Eating together is important in Scripture

In the Bible, most major events included food. All the Jewish festivals in the Old Testament included meals – Passover, the feast of first fruits, Pentecost (or the Feast of Weeks), and Sukkot (or the Feast of Booths).  God was very specific about what foods His people were to eat and how to celebrate these dinners so that His people would be reminded of Him.  

Jesus’ first miracle happened at a wedding feast.  Many of the parables that Jesus told were about meals – the wedding banquet and the prodigal son story both ended in a feast.  We cannot leave out the last supper where Jesus institutes the pattern we follow for our communion. When Jesus rose from the dead and appeared to the apostles in Luke 22, he eats and drinks with them.  

God knew that dining together was so much more than food

Eating together is so much more than a physical act.  It brings people together, face to face.  It creates an environment where you can share life together.  It nourishes the people physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  

Feed my sheep

In John 21 it says that Jesus asks Peter if he loves Him.  Peter emphatically says yes and Jesus replies, “Then feed my lambs”.  The message for us is simple: if we love Jesus, we should feed people. We live in a world that is starving in every way. I’m so thankful to be a member of a Church family that has taken this command to heart.  This week 1800 meals were prepped and delivered to people all over Stark County.  Over 600 families filled their cars and their cupboards with groceries this month.  The best part is that the NCCOC family doesn’t stop there.  This month 19 students went to a youth rally and learned that they aren’t alone in their journey to follow Christ.  They were fed the Word of God in ways that touched their hearts. Tears and prayers flowed freely among our youth group.  There are many of our brothers and sisters who have lost loved ones this month.  People made calls and texts and visits so that those who were hurting were fed emotionally.  Bible studies and small groups have been feasting on the Word week in and week out.  Our children have been devouring the scriptures in Bible class. Our online service hit a milestone - 5,000 unique viewers have joined us for worship online – people of this world are famished.  The question Jesus is asking you is “Do you love Me?” If the answer is yes, get involved.  You have been given the Bread of Life – make sure no one around you goes hungry.

Ministry Spotlight:

         This past month…

·      90 seniors got food boxes

·      244 people received clothing this month

·      1800 hot meals were made and delivered

·      679 families received food

·      19 students and 10 adults went to the Belpre Youth Rally

·      Multiple in-person and online Bible studies took place that were led by NCCOC members

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No Ordinary Family

As we approach the holidays, I love getting on Facebook and seeing all of the families as they get their fall pictures.  Everyone wants that perfect photo that they can include on their Christmas card or in their yearly letter.  I enjoy seeing the great pics with everyone laughing and smiling and looking at the camera…BUT I really LOVE seeing the imperfect pictures – the outtakes. You know the ones – the shots where the kids are crying, someone is tripping, or one kid puts bunny ears on his sister and is making a funny face.  Why do I love those images?  Because those pictures truly represent what REAL family looks like.  

REAL families are messy.  REAL families fight and fall out.  REAL families are all a little dysfunctional.  I heard a minister once claim that his family put the “funk” in dysfunctional.  I can identify with that a little.  NO family is perfect.  The crazy thing is that God created the family unit.  No matter whether you grew up in a nice family or a fun family or a family that wasn’t healthy…God created you to belong to a family.   Our God knew we needed a community of people who will love us, help us, and challenge us to make this world more like Heaven. Rarely do we get all of that from our biological families. Our Father knew we’d need a gathering who would help us hold on to the hope we profess. He, in His wisdom, created a family where we would ALWAYS belong – the Church.

As you may have seen on our t-shirts or on our cool new stickers, the folks at NCCOC claim to be “no ordinary family”.  What does that mean?  Hopefully, it means that despite being dysfunctional we strive to love our way through this crazy life. It means that through the Spirit, we will try our best to be patient and kind, not to envy or boast.  We will try not to be proud or rude or self-seeking.  We will keep no record of wrongs (unless it pertains to cornhole or euchre).  We will strive to always protect, always trust, and always hope.  Will we fail? Yes. But we will also do our best to make it right. (1 Corinthians 13).      

Over the past month, this family has met to celebrate new babies, new baptisms, and new marriages.  People have held hands with those who are hurting and have fed the folks who have experienced loss.  I’ve seen our senior members sitting down with preteens opening their hearts and their Bibles. Young and old came together to eat delicious food, play cornhole and share a laugh at our Burgers and Blessings event.  People of all ages and backgrounds joined to give away food, clothing, and comfort with the common goal of glorifying Jesus and showing Him to others.  

Our Church is not a perfect family, but it is a wonderful place to belong.  Do you want to know the best part?  There’s room for YOU.  Jump in, we’ll let you help with the chores. We will celebrate with you.  We may even introduce you to a crazy aunt or two.  Our Father will be returning soon, we want to make this place ready.  You don’t want to miss out!   -SJL

Ministry Spotlight

This past month…

·      Over 10 small groups/personal Bible studies met at NCCOC

·      577 families received food from our food giveaway

·      150,000 pounds of food was given away at the food giveaway

·      The Needles and Knots group made and delivered lap blankets, slippers, dolls and walker bags to hospitals and nursing homes

·      Over 151 families were helped with clothing

·      90 senior citizens were given food boxes

·      42 college students volunteered at the food giveaway

·      New children’s classes began

·      Around 100 folks came to our Burgers and Blessings Block Party

·      Over 1200 people signed up to receive a Thanksgiving meal

·      The teen Halloween party was a SCREAM!  

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Clothed in Compassion

Fall is one of my favorite seasons for so many reasons.  Pumpkin carving, campfires and hayrides are all wonderful events that come along with autumn. Then there is the fall food and drinks…don’t get me started…warm apple cider, hot chocolate, and pumpkin everything. The part I love most about fall is the clothing…I love being wrapped up in scarves, flannels and hoodies. 

Clothing is important.  It’s obvious that what we wear keeps us warm and covered but clothing means so much more.  Clothing is protection.  Clothing is security.  Clothing covers the things we want hidden. Clothing for a child says “My mom (dad, grandma, etc.) cared enough to buy these, clean them and dress me in them. I’m cared about.  Someone wants to make sure I’m ok.” 

If you’ve come to the NCCOC building during the week, you know our fellowship halls OVERFLOW with clothes of all sizes.  People come in every week to get what they need.  The other day a young teen came to the Church.  We found out he was quickly forced out of his home and into foster care. He had nothing but the clothes on his back.   His guardian called the Church and brought the young man to get clothes. The young man was thankful for anything we could give.  His demeanor changed from thankful to truly excited as he found 4 pairs of jeans in his size, shirts, undergarments and to his great delight, a Nike sweatshirt that fit like a glove.  You may be saying, “Well, that’s a nice story.  I’m glad that kid got some clothes.” But I want to make sure you know that it was so much more than that. This teen boy didn’t have a mom and a dad that was able to clothe him.  But that day the Church got to remind him that he has a Father who is longing to show him that he is loved, protected, and valued.  

I’m so thankful that this Church family doesn’t stop after the clothing giveaways.  Truckloads of clothes were sent to Zimbabwe this past month to bless the kids at the local school and to provide packing material to protect medical supplies for the new clinic that is being opened. Last week, two young ladies were clothed in Christ through baptism (Gal. 3:27).  Each month ladies in our Needles & Knots group makes blankets, slippers, sock dolls, and wheelchair bags for 4 local hospitals and for several nursing homes.  Each week we help our teens don the helmet of salvation and the shield of faith so that they are ready to step into the battles they face at school. Every Sunday our adults and kids are fitted with the shoes of peace that comes from the Good News (Eph. 6). 

Church, as we go into the world this week, we need to make sure that we are dressed for the occasion: 

“As God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, clothe yourselves with compassion, humility, meekness, and patience…above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.”(Col. 3:12,14). Look for opportunities to wrap someone up in the warmth of God’s love. Cover them in kindness.  Remind someone that they have a Father who loves them and cares enough to clothe them in the righteousness of his Son.      -SJL

Ministry Spotlight

This past month…

·      Shyanne (Shay) Johnson was baptized at a teen event

·      Rylee Scott was baptized through a personal Bible study

·      Over 10 small groups/personal Bible studies met at NCCOC

·      592 families received food from our food giveaway

·      150,000 pounds of food was given away at the food giveaway

·      Over 15 teens met to fellowship and talk about God every Sunday and Wednesday evening

·      Over 200 people were helped with clothing

·      90 senior citizens were given food boxes

·       12 teens went to the North Hills youth rally

·       Girls on the Run Program began at our building on Tuesdays and Thursdays

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Joyful Noise

You’ve heard the old saying, “Silence is golden”.  We know this is so true – sometimes.  When you’re angry, it’s always smart to keep your mouth closed.  Proverbs 10:19 tells us that “too much talk leads to sin” (that scripture is so hard on my heart).  Being silent before the Lord is something we know we need to do to hear God’s voice.  

BUT sometimes silence isn’t so golden. When you haven’t heard from your toddler in a while silence is SCARY, right?!  When your kiddos head off for college and the house is just too quiet – silence feels sad. One of the worst things that I can think of is silence in the Church.  

You see, I think that God likes noise (and if you know me at all – you know I do, too!).  Psalm 98:4 says, “Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth; break forth in joyous song and praises!” In Ezra, we read about when the people saw the rebuilt temple, they shouted for joy and wept so loud that it could be heard from far distances (Can you even imagine that?). Do you remember the story in Luke 19 where Jesus is entering Jerusalem riding on the donkey and the disciples start rejoicing and praising God in a LOUD voice?  The Pharisees got mad and wanted Jesus to quiet his followers.  Jesus responded by saying, “I tell you, if these were silent, the very rocks would cry out.” God likes noise – if it brings him glory!

I’m so thankful that we are NOT a silent Church.  Walk through our building on any given day.  You’ll hear a LOUD voice declaring that THE KING is coming just like the disciples in Luke 19.  It may not be with words or shouts or singing (although it may).  You’ll hear it as women fold clothes for those in need.  It’s whispered by the men and women stacking and bagging food. I hear it in the idling motors of HUNDREDS of cars as folks wait to have groceries put in their trunks and a prayer put in their heart by a volunteer at our monthly giveaway. Giggles carry that message on Sunday and Wednesday evenings as our teens meet and bring their friends to see God show up in a game or devotional thought. The splash of a dunk tank and the popping of popcorn declared God’s love to our community this past Saturday as the kids played and took home school supplies. Spoons scraping up ice cream on Sunday reminded all the folk there that our Church is praying for each family as their kiddos head back to school. 

This week, DON’T be silent.  Be that joyful noise for the Lord.  Shout “the King is coming!” to your neighborhood as you love on the elderly lady next door.  Make an offering of praise as you give to our missionaries. Sing His praises as you get those sleepy kids up and bring them to Church early on Sunday morning to show them WHO is KING of our lives.  Yell “God is good!” by being an image bearer of Jesus in your school or workplace.  Make a joyful noise to the Lord with our family here at NCCOC. Together we may just make such a sound that it will be heard all over Stark County and maybe even the world.

Ministry Spotlight

This past month…

·      McKenzie Ramey was baptized at a teen event

·      8 small groups/personal Bible studies met each week at NCCOC

·      over 100 people came to our Family Fun Day

·      over 400 people got school supplies at the Back-to-School Blast

·      volunteers from NCCOC served gave out clothes, school supplies and toiletries at Beacon Academy’s family night

·      125,000 pounds of food was given to 502 families at the food giveaway

·      46 students/families were “adopted” in prayer for the school year

·      over 15 teens met to fellowship and talk about God every Sunday and Wednesday evening

·      264 folks were helped with clothing

·      90 senior citizens were given food boxes

·      10 kids went to Church camp

·      our boys and young men were taught to catch fish and learned about God from some Godly mentors in the “Cast Your Nets” program

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