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Clothing Giveaways Are BACK in February! Sign up below!

We will require masks while you are indoors to make sure our volunteers and our clients are safe and healthy! Our giveaways will no longer be a one day event but there will be many days to come get clothes. You will now have to sign up for a time slot (See links below). You may only sign up for one time slot per month.  You must also bring your own bag (2 -33 gallon bags or 4 - 13 gallon bags).

Take note: Beginning in October we will be offering our clothing signups during 1 weekend a month (instead of 3 days each week).

An appointment is still required to attend this event.

We need to keep the amount of people in at one time to a minimum to allow for social distancing. We ask that 1 adult per household attend. We would also like to encourage you to leave your children home during this time. If in the event you need to bring your children, they must remain at your side at all times.

Thank you for your cooperation.

*Please note: We will NOT accept clothing donations again until February 7th.

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Clothing Giveaway - February 11th
Click the link below.
February 11
Clothing Giveaway - February 12
Click below to sign up!
February 12th
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Our next FOOD GIVEAWAY will be on January 29th!

Our upcoming giveaway will be handled in a way that will keep everyone safe! But as with all our giveaways, you WILL need a number. You can get a number on Thursday the 27th from 7am-6pm and Friday the 28th from 8am-noon. If you cannot make it to get a number before Saturday, you can come at 11:30 am on Saturday. This is new for us, so please show us patience and grace as we are trying to serve as many people as we can. On Saturday, our plan is to run the giveaway as a “drive-through” to the best of our ability. You will not have to get out of your vehicles. You will need your ID, however.

Volunteers - Our clients will stay in their cars and we will have no physical contact with them. We will not touch their ID’s and they will not touch our computers. We will register them verbally unless the state of Ohio waives the entire registration process. We will provide gloves, wipes, and Purell. With so many people out of work due to this crisis, we as God’s people need to rise to the occasion and provide hope in uncertain times. We will abide by all recommendations of the Ohio Department of Health and the Akron Canton Foodbank. Please pray for dry weather and a safe day for all! - Rod

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Registration and Parking Info