Digging Deeper Week 3

1. Compare the sin of Adam and Eve with the sin of Joseph’s brothers. Then compare the sin of Joseph’s brothers with that of Cain. What similarities do you discover? What similarities do you see to the sin in your own life? What does it take to break this pattern?
2. Joseph was betrayed by his brothers, his boss’ wife and his friends in prison. Instead of becoming bitter, he trusted God. How can you avoid becoming bitter when you are betrayed? What helps you trust in God when you are feeling betrayed?
3. What character traits do you see in Joseph that made Potiphar trust him? (p. 31-34) How might your boss or others close to you describe your character? What things can you do to gain trust in your work or personal life?
4. How was Joseph able to resist the sexual temptations of Potiphar’s wife? (p. 31-32 ). What can you do to protect yourself from sexual sin?
5. Twenty years after his brothers sold him into slavery, they came to Joseph to buy grain. How does Joseph’s story serve as an example of forgiveness, trust and restoration? What is the hardest thing you have ever had to forgive? Be forgiven for? What helped restore the broken relationship in either case?
6. Looking back on his life, Joseph said that what others intended for evil, God intended for good. When has an evil done to you turned out for good? How can you use this to help you in the future? What does this reveal about God?
7. Joseph’s brothers had been lying about his disappearance for 20 years, and were afraid of how he might react, especially after their father’s death. They told Joseph a made-up story saying that Jacob had asked them to request that Joseph not harm them. They were having trouble forgiving themselves. Is there a mistake you have made where you’ve found it difficult to forgive yourself?
Reflect upon the first three chapters of The Story.  What family cycles emerge?  What life lessons can you apply to your own life from observing these cycles?

Show us where you have been at work shaping and forming, even in the hard times. Show us the lessons you are seeking to teach us that we might have missed. We ask for eyes to see them and a heart to receive and learn. We thank you for the hard times that shaped our character and driven us closer to you. We ask for your comfort, and the courage to embrace it. We ask you God to help us understand the depth of your grace so that we can extend grace to others. Amen.