Digging Deeper Week 4

1. During the scene at the burning bush, Moses has trouble believing God could use him. Do you think his hesitancy came from his own insecurities or from his lack of faith in God? Are there areas in your life where you feel insecure? How might this story help you?
2. You may never have seen a burning bush, but have you experienced “standing on holy ground” – a time when
you definitely felt the presence of God in your life? What was that like? Take a few moments to recall, journal the experience, and thank God for making himself known in a tangible way.
3. When Moses told the Israelite leaders about God’s plan
for deliverance, their response was to bow in reverence and worship; Pharaoh’s response was to increase their workload. This was obviously the opposite of what they had hoped for. What strengthens your faith when circumstances turn out differently than you’d hoped?
4. Only God could have solved the Israelites problems. Both Israel and Egypt discovered He alone was Lord. Can you identify a situation in your own life (or someone else’s) that testifies to God’s deliverance alone—that no one else could take credit for? Who could your story serve to encourage?
5. Moses and Aaron received instructions from God and then “did just as the Lord had commanded.” Think of an instruction God has already given you, and how you can be more obedient to it this week.
6. Israel celebrated Passover annually, and we celebrate communion regularly to remind ourselves corporately of God’s deliverance. What personal triggers could you initiate to celebrate what God has done in your life?
7. Only days after being set free, the Israelites complain, saying they want to go back. Have you ever been tempted to return to a past way of life, even when you know it will be destructive? What attitude change would help you make healthier, more faithful choices?

we ask you to give us a clearer vision of who you are. We pray that it will not be tainted by false understandings and childish images, but shaped by your Word of Truth. Help us to look to none but you for who we are, for our provision, and for our guidance. Even in the wilderness, you are our very life. Amen.