Digging Deeper


1. Israel’s complaining is a reminder of how easy it is to become ungrateful. When did you see the Israelites struggle with this the most? When do you struggle the most to have gratitude towards God? Why? What five things are you grateful for right now?
2. God punishes Miriam and Aaron for slandering Moses (p. 74). Have you ever had to deal with lies spoken against you? How did you handle it? How did Moses handle it, and what does God do in response?
3. How many examples of answered prayer can you find in this chapter? Which most encourages you and why?

4. The Israelites’ journey through the wilderness is one with both great victories and terrible defeat. How do you see God relating to his people when they lose faith in His promises? Is he consistent? How do you relate to God in the midst of great times or great struggles in your own life? How have you seen God respond to you during these times?
5. Moses charged Israel to keep God’s commandments
and diligently teach them to their children? How can you, whether as a parent, or a member of your church community, pass on God’s commandments and promises to the next generation?

With Fatherly love you disciplined the Israelites when they complained against you and wandered their own way. Yet, even then you were gracious and merciful, abounding in steadfast love to provide for them, and shepherd them back to you. May we receive your grace and your discipline when we wander so that we might experience the abundance of your life for the sake of sharing your love with this world. Amen.