Digging Deeper

Chapter 7
1. When he passed on the mantle of leadership, Moses told Joshua to be strong and courageous. What did God provide in order for Joshua to do so? Is a lack of courage keeping you from becoming a leader? What might God be saying to provide you otherwise?
2. God gave Joshua assurances to face the coming battles, but Joshua still had to act in faith. What battles are you currently facing? How can God’s presence and promises change the way you cope with them?
3. Do you suppose God viewed Rahab as a woman of sin or a woman of faith? Who in your life needs to be viewed through “grace-colored glasses”?
4. How does the destruction of peoples and cities in the Promised Land square with God’s Upper Story of redemption?
5. Observe the battle between Israel-Gibeon and the five kings of the Amorites (p. 95-98). What human factors and what divine factors led to victory? What parallels can be drawn between this battle and your own spiritual battles today?
6. Joshua is known for the statement “as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.” What habits and attitudes do you practice in your family or have you seen in other families that are good examples of leading a household in serving the LORD? How can you claim or reclaim some of these practices in your family life routine?

You command Joshua to be bold and courageous. Forgive us when we run away with fear. Give us a deeper love for reading
and hearing your Word so we might experience your presence and strength. Give us a love for praying so you might fill us with courage to step into bold service of all those in need. Amen.