Parent Pages Week 24

Get the Point:
Preschool: Jesus teaches his friends and the crowds. I can learn from God. Elementary: Jesus teaches his friends and the crowds. I can learn from God.
Middle/High School: Jesus teaches about a new way of life.
Table Talk
• God doesn’t like show-offs. In Jesus’ time, some people made a big show about how spiritual
they were. They’d go outside and make a huge fuss that they were praying. Jesus told his followers to act different. He taught them to pray in a quiet place. Where do you like to pray? Do you pray at a certain time of day?
• The Bible says God “knows what you need before you even ask him.” How can he know that? Since he already knows, why do you need to pray?
• When Jesus teaches us to pray, he says to forgive others the bad things they do to us, just like God forgives us. Is it hard to forgive others? Who are some people you’ve forgiven recently? Is there anyone you need to forgive right now?
• One of the coolest things Jesus did was water on the water. What do you think that would be like?
• Peter tried to walk on the water, but took his eyes off Jesus and went for a swim instead. What’s your favorite part about swimming?
Note: Young readers will enjoy “How to Pray” on pages 222-227 in the Jesus Storybook Bible.
Middle/High School
• Historians agree, even those who aren’t Christians, that Jesus was a great teacher. Some of
his most famous teachings came at the Sermon on the Mount where he made a bunch of “Blessed are . . .” statements. Discuss some of them:
- For many meekness equals weakness, but Jesus says the meek are blessed and will “inherit the earth.” How? What does meek really mean?
- Blessed are the merciful. How can you show mercy?
- What are some ways you can protect your heart, so you will be “pure in heart”?
- How can you be a peacemaker?
- Jesus says you’re blessed when people insult you, persecute you and say evil things
about you because of your relationship with Jesus. Has this ever happened to you?
• On several occasions Jesus raised people from the dead. In this chapter he raised Jairus’
daughter. Talk about Jesus’ power over death. Do you think this was Jesus’ most amazing miracle? If not, which miracle most amazes you?
Living Faith
Jesus feeding the 5,000 is the only miracle retold in all four gospels. When a young boy’s lunch was multiplied to feed a multitude, it showed God’s power and taught a powerful lesson about his provision. This week bring your family together for a picnic to remember Jesus’ huge impromptu picnic. Have family members choose their favorite foods to include or make a meal that’s reminiscent of what happened on that mountainside. Maybe you can buy packages of flavored tuna and a loaf of French bread. Juice boxes or bottles of water work well, because they don’t spill as easily. If it’s warm enough, eat outside at a park or in your backyard. If the weather’s cold, move your picnic indoors. Lay out a blanket in the living room and talk about Jesus’ miracle.
• Did you know Jesus actually fed way more than 5,000 people? Back then only the men were counted. When you include women and children that number may double. Does that make this miracle more impressive? Why?
• Do you find it interesting that there were 12 baskets of leftover food? Why didn’t Jesus make just enough food for everybody?
• What do you think the little boy thought when he gave up his lunch? Do you think he had any idea that Jesus was going to use it to feed everybody?
• What does this miracle teach you about God’s power?
Note: You can read a great story of God’s big picnic called “Filled Full” in the Jesus Storybook Bible on pages 244-249.
Extra Mile
Jesus used stories in about one-third of all of his teachings. That means one out of every three times that Jesus taught, he used a parable.
• Why do you think Jesus used stories so often?
Stories are still a powerful and meaningful way to explain God’s truth. But today a lot of stories are told in movies. Watch one of Jesus’ parables told in a modern way at Under Our Products, choose Modern Parables, then click on Sample Lesson. Watch the two videos that give a modern twist on Jesus’ parable of the hidden treasure found in Matthew 13:44. In all, the two videos last less than 20 minutes.