Parent Pages - Week 1

PARENTS’ PAGE LESSON 1: The Beginning of Life as We Know It
Timeless Truth: Humans are God’s crowning creation.
Bible Basis: Key Verse: Resource:When God created man, he made him in his own likeness. - Genesis 5:1,
The Story: Adult or Middle School version/The Story for Kids/Children/Little Ones:   
Chapter 1

Parent Tips:
Use the Table Talk questions to start a discussion around the dinner table at some point this week. The Living Faith activity is designed to help your child know that he’s perfectly created by God. The Extra Mile idea will help your family spread God’s love in the community.

Get the Point
Preschool: God made everything. He made me in His likeness.
Elementary: God made everything there is. He made me to know him.
Middle School: God made a perfect creation. We messed it up. Jesus offers us grace to fix that. High School: God made a perfect and ordered creation. Man’s sin brought suffering to earth.

Table Talk
•If you could live a day as any animal, what animal would you be? What are some of the good
and bad things about living as that animal?
•What are some ways people and animals are different?
•Are people or animals more important to God? Explain that people are worth way more than
animals, because we’re the only part of Creation made in God’s image. We were made to have a relationship with God. Even Jesus said in Matthew 10:31 that were “worth more than many sparrows.”

Review Questions:
1. What did God make on the first day?  Light
2. What did he make on day 2? Heaven and skies
3. What did God say his creation was?  Good
4. What did He say when He made people?  It is VERY good.
5. Who were the first people God made? Adam and Eve
6. How many days did it take to make EVERYTHING? 6 days
7. What did God do on the 7th day? He rested
8. Who were Adam and Eve's first 2 sons? Cain and Abel
9. Which of Adam's sons obeyed God with his offering? Abel
10.  Who did God ask to build a big boat? Noah
11. How many days did it rain? 40 days and 40 nights
12. What was the sign God put in the sky to promise He would never flood the whole world again? A rainbow

Middle/High School
•What are some things you really like about yourself? (Could be eyes, hair, clothes, sense of
•Hollywood actors and models always talk about how they’d like to change their appearance,
yet they’re considered the pretty people. Is there anything you’d change about yourself?
•Do you think God would change anything about you?
•Why do you think the culture is so consumed with looks and fame?

**See the "Extra Mile" questions at the bottom if the scavenger hunt doesn't seem like something your teens would enjoy!

Living Faith
Spend a few moments one evening going on a family treasure hunt around your house. You can write your own clues or use the ones given. End your hunt at a mirror (either handheld or in a bathroom) so your family can discover God’s greatest creation—you!

Scavenger Hunt
Clue No. 1
I’m no simple box with doors and a light.
I will keep your food cold, both day and night.
Clue No. 2 (hide in refrigerator)
Yawn. If you’re tired, you’re coming to me. For safety and warmth, I’m the place to be.
Clue No. 3 (hide in a bed)
I’m pretty and make oxygen for you. Give me water—it’s the right thing to do.
Clue No. 4 (hide in a plant)
With four wheels and an engine, I go fast. But without any gas, I cannot last.
Clue No. 5 (hide in car)
Your search is almost over, so be glad.
You wipe your eyes with me when you are sad.
Option 1—takes you to bathroom
Clue No. 6 (hide in Kleenex box)
This is the last clue. Hope it has been fun.
Always wash your hands in here when you’re done.
Option 2—takes you to couch where you’ve put a mirror under the cushions Clue No. 6 (hide in Kleenex box)
Come to me when you want to sit around.
Lift up my cushions and treasure you’ve found.
When you find the mirror, ask your kids to identify the treasure. (They should say it’s them.) Remind your children that they are created in God’s image. Let them know how proud you are of them. Talk about some of the things you appreciate about them and tie that into how those characteristics are from God. Tell them you expect a lot from them and have high standards because they are God’s perfect creation. Encourage them to always follow God and His will for their lives.

Extra Mile
For added emphasis on this week’s themes, try one of these activities.
1. Grab a family photo album that has some shots of you enjoying the outdoors.
Ask: • What do you remember most about this experience?
• What are some of your favorite things about God’s creation? • How can you see God’s handiwork in the outdoors?
• Where are some places you’d like to visit?
If the conversation leads, plan a fun family outing or your next family vacation.
2. Remind your children that all people are important to God by taking some food to a local food bank or going through your closets and making a donation to a homeless shelter. Remind your kids that helping the less fortunate shows them God’s love.