Parent Pages Week 14

Bible Basis: Key Verse: Resource:
1 Kings 12:1–33; 14:22–23, 26–28; 15:11–24, 16:29-33
“Asa did what was right in the eyes of the Lord” (1 Kings 15:11).

Use the Table Talk questions to start a discussion around the dinner table during the week. The Living Faith activity encourages your family to think seriously about modern-day idols. The Extra Mile takes your family to a song that talks about God and explains why only he is worthy of worship.
Get the Point:
Preschool: God uses bad things to teach his people. I can learn from mistakes.
Elementary: God uses bad things to teach his people. I can learn from mistakes.
Middle School: When you follow the lie that God can’t give you what you need, it’s easy to turn to idols.
High School: Idol worship isn’t limited to golden cows; many things can pull your attention away from God.

Table Talk
• The people of Judah started fighting against Israel and decided to start their own country.
Have you ever had two of your friends fight and decide not to be friends anymore?
• What happened because of this fight?
• Was there a way your friends could’ve settled their differences better?
• In the midst of all these bad kings in Israel and Judah, Asa became king of Judah and “did
what was right in the eyes of the Lord” (1 Kings 15:11). Do you think it was hard for him to do
good things when everybody around him was making bad choices?
• Tell about a time when others were making poor choices and you decided to follow God.
Was it hard? How did it make you feel?
Middle/High School
• Proverbs 13:20 says, “Anyone who walks with wise people grows wise. But a companion of
foolish people suffers harm.” Rehoboam’s dad, Solomon, wrote those words. But Rehoboam must’ve been spacing out when Solomon said them, because instead of listening to the counsel of wise elders, Rehoboam listened to his friends when it came to the treatment of the people of Judah. His friends encouraged Rehoboam to tell Jeroboam that bigger whips would be used to beat them. (That’s not a good way to make friends.) Jeroboam went back and split off a new country, Judah, where he was king. What do you think was Rehoboam’s biggest mistake?
• Could Judah splitting from Israel been prevented?
• Have you ever listened to your friends instead of your parents? (Note: Parents you can share a story here, too, from your growing up years.)
• Do you think Solomon’s advice in Proverbs 13:20 is true?

Living Faith
You don’t run into a lot of golden cow worshipers at church these days. But the problem of idols still plagues God followers. Anything that comes before God in your life could be an idol, especially if you look to that thing for comfort or satisfaction. Have all family members fill out the chart to see how they spend their time. At the end, answer some questions to see if any idols have crept into your daily life.
On average how much time each day do you spend doing these things?
Time Spent:
None of the activities are in and of themselves sinful; however, if they consume all your time and pull you away from God, they could become an idol. In today’s society money, fame, possessions, career advancement, popularity and other things rule people’s lives. Ask:
• What area in your life do you think has the greatest possibility of becoming an idol?
• How can you prevent that from happening?
• What changes can you make in your schedule to show God that he’s first in your life?

Extra Mile
Only the one true God is worthy of our worship. King Solomon opened the door to idol worship, and then Israel and Judah forsook the Lord to follow false gods.
Go to YouTube and watch the 4:29 video showing the lyrics of the song “I will worship You – Matthew Ward.” Have a pencil and paper ready. Write down all of the characteristics of God mentioned in the song. “My God is faithful, truthful . . .”
• Think about the things people worship today (fame, money, etc.). Can any of those things boast the same characteristics that God possesses?
• One of the lines says, “I will worship you for the things you’ve done in me.” Have family members share something the Lord has done in them.
• Deuteronomy 6:13 says, “Worship the Lord your God. He is the only one you should serve.” Write that verse on an index card and stick it on the refrigerator. Encourage everybody in your family to memorize it this week. Plan something fun as a family if everybody accomplishes this goal.