Parent Pages Week 4

Timeless Truth: God is the ultimate Deliverer.
Bible Basis: Exodus 1—16:15
Key Verse: Moses answered the people. He said, “Don't be afraid. Stand firm. You will see how
the Lord will save you today” (Exodus 14:13, NIRV).

Parent Tips:
Use the Table Talk questions to start a discussion around the dinner table during the week. The Living Faith activity is designed to help your family look to God during hard times and follow Him. The Extra Mile idea will help your family relate to the Israelites and benefit your church.

Get the Point:
Preschool: God sent Moses to bring his people out of Egypt. God will always help his people— including me.
Elementary: God watched over Moses and his people. God watches over me, too.
Middle School: God is the God over all gods. He sees and hears everything. He can overcome any power on earth to help me.
High School: Jesus is the new Passover sacrifice.

Table Talk
Say: God provided for Moses through his entire life, and He provides for our family today. Share a story of God’s provision in your life and then ask
•How did God care for Moses when he was a baby? (Pharaoh’s daughter finding him in Nile River; being raised by his own mother as an infant; growing up in the palace)
•How did God provide for Moses when he was asking Pharaoh to let the Israelite people go? (He protected Moses and gave him his brother Aaron to speak.)
•How did God provide for the Israelites when they left Egypt? (Guiding them with a pillar of fire or cloud; parting the Red Sea; manna in the morning.)
•How does God provide for you?
Middle/High School
Say: Pharaoh was very stubborn and hardened his heart against God. Share a story where God was working in your life or trying to get your attention, but you didn’t see it until later. Ask
•Do you know a friend, teacher or relative who’s hardened their heart against God and refuses to see Him?
•Why do you think people stubbornly refuse to see God when He makes himself known in creation and everyday circumstances?
•What can you do to open people’s eyes to the truth about God? (Share the good news about Jesus with them; pray for them; be their friend.)
•If somebody totally refuses to acknowledge God, what should you do? (Pray that the Holy Spirit softens their heart; continue to show them God’s love.)

Living Faith
Grab a flashlight and bring your family to a dark room or into the basement. This activity can also be done outside on a dark night. Explain that according to the Bible, God led the Israelites at night with a pillar of fire (Exodus 13:21). By following the pillar of fire at night and the pillar of cloud during the day, God’s people always knew exactly where to go. Tell your family that you’re going to play a game of “Reverse Hide and Seek.” Instead of one person counting and everybody hiding, the person holding the flashlight will hide and everybody else will count. Have a parent hide first. After everybody counts to 20, let them search for the person hiding. Once that person is found, let him hide again. This time after everybody has counted, wait a couple minutes and then turn on the flashlight before anybody finds you. With the flashlight on, allow every family member to get to you. Let other family members take turns hiding.
When you’re finished, ask:
•Were you ever scared being stuck in the dark and not knowing where to go?
•Was it easier to find the hidden person when the flashlight was on or off?
•How does God shine His “flashlight” today, so it’s easier for us to follow Him? (He gave us the
Bible; instruction from parents; youth leaders at church.)
•How does God’s light deliver us and keep us safe?
•God’s “flashlight” is on all the time. How does it make you feel to know you can go to Him
whenever you’re in need?
•The Bible says, “You are in the light because of what the Lord has done. Live like children of the
light” (Ephesians 5:8). What are some ways we can live as children of the light?

Extra Mile
On a Sunday night (or early on a Monday morning if you wake up before your kids), tell your family that you’re going to eat breakfast like the Israelites did when they escaped Egypt. The Bible says that thin flakes of bread appeared on the ground every morning (Exodus 15:15-16). The Israelites would gather up enough for their family and eat it throughout the day. The next morning a whole new crop of manna, which comes from the Hebrew words “What is it?” would be waiting for them to eat. Instead of manna, explain that your family will eat oatmeal every morning. Calculate the cost savings of eating oatmeal instead of cereal, doughnuts or eggs (whatever is your family’s normal breakfast food) and have your children donate that money to the church the following Sunday to do God’s work.
At some point during the week, ask your family what the Israelites must’ve felt like after eating manna every day for years.