Parent Pages Week 6

Timeless Truth: Faith in God’s promises will be rewarded. Doubt will be punished.
Bible Basis: Numbers 13-14, 20:1-13, Deuteronomy 34
Key Verse: [Joshua and Caleb] said, “If the Lord is pleased with us, he’ll lead us into that land. ...
He’ll give it to us” (Numbers 14:8).
Resource: The Story: Teen Edition, The Story for Kids/Children/Little Ones: Chapter 6
Parent Tips:
Use the Table Talk questions to start a discussion around the dinner table during the week. The Living Faith activity is designed to help your family understand the importance of knowing and following God’s promises. The Extra Mile will build trust amongst your family.

Table Talk

Say: This week The Story tells us how 12 spies went in to look at God’s promised land and 10 came back scared. Only Caleb and Joshua were excited about going into the Promised Land. Ask:
• Why were Joshua and Caleb so confident they could defeat people who were bigger than they were and lived in strong cities? (They trusted God; they had faith in His promises.)
• Were the other 10 spies focused more on God or on the situations?
• By focusing on earthly things, the 10 spies were too scared to trust God. What are some things
in your life that scare you?
• Does your fear ever keep you from doing something you want to?
• How can you overcome that fear? What are some of the benefits of overcoming that fear?

Middle/High School
• The Israelites chose to listen to the 10 fearful spies, instead of Joshua and Caleb—who trusted
God. Because of that, they missed out on the fruits of God’s promises. Name a time that you followed worldly advice. What was the consequence? Talk about a time where you followed God despite strong opposition. What happened?
• What was God’s punishment to the people, because of their lack of faith? Do you think God’s punishment was too harsh?
• What are some of the punishments or judgments people face today because of an unwillingness to stand strong for God?
• How can you live more boldly for God? Name one way that you want to trust God more in your life.

Living Faith
Set up two obstacle courses in your living room, backyard or a park. Be creative in using items around your home. Make one course long and difficult. Keep the other course rather simple and short. Ideas include: doing a hula hoop 10 times, putting your forehead on a bat and spinning around 10 times, jumping rope, running around a trash can, crab walking, climbing over the couch or fence, crawling on your hands and knees, skipping, etc. Once the courses are set up, bring a Bible and ask the first racer a question based on this week’s reading from The Story.
Sample: Who buried Moses in Moab when he died? Answer: God.
Where did the Israelites want to go, instead of going into the Promised Land? Answer: Egypt. God made water pour out of what object? Answer: A rock.
If the racer gets a question correct, allow them to race the short course. If he misses the question, have him run around the longer course. Let each family member try to answer a question and complete a course. Try to make the questions age appropriate using the chapters mentioned in the above “Bible Basis.”
When everybody’s finished, ask:
• Which course was faster to complete? (the short one)
• What allowed you to run that course? (Knowing God’s Word)
• In what ways do these obstacle courses compare to the Israelites in the desert? (God has a
more direct plan for your life, but allows for you to choose. Sometimes those choices lead to a harder path and punishment. Knowing God’s plan and following it makes life better and results in fewer roadblocks.)
• Why is doing something God’s way the first time important?

Extra Mile
Do trust falls with your family (just make sure your children are big enough to catch you). Have one person stand facing away and with their arms crossed in front of them. Instruct them to close their eyes, remain stiff and fall backwards. Have another family member or two “catch” that person before they hit the ground. Take turns falling backwards and catching each other. Ask:
• What was the scariest part?
• Was it hard to trust that you’d be safe when you fell backward? Why? • Why is it hard sometimes to trust God and His Word?
• Can you always trust your family to be there for you?
• Can you always trust God to be there for you?