Our Next Food Giveaway: October 28th

On one Saturday each month, the NCCOC partners with volunteers in our community to giveaway food – A LOT OF FOOD.  The giveaway operates as a DRIVE-THRU.  Cars enter our parking lot from East Maple Street and are directed to registration.  From there, they enter a line where  a volunteer will meet them with a smile and a shopping cart full of groceries.  The volunteer loads the car and a friend from our community can head home with a trunk full of blessings.

If you'd like to receive groceries, keep reading!

At our food giveaway, we serve more people than our parking lot can handle so we have a process.  

Step 1 Get a number
On the Thursday (7am-Noon) before each food giveaway we give out numbers at the NCCOC - Carport # 2.  The numbers tell you when to come to get your groceries, so you don’t have to wait in a super long line, and we don’t get in trouble for having traffic backed up down the street.

What if I can’t get there in time to get a number?  That is ok, you can come to the giveaway at 11:30am.  If carts are available, we will load you up!

Step 2 Come prepared to register
Enter the NCCOC parking lot from East Maple Street.  There will be volunteers directing traffic.  Please be careful and follow their directions.

You will need a Photo ID.  If the address on your ID isn’t correct, please bring proof of residence like a utility bill.

Step 3 Relax in your car and let us serve you!
You are important to us and to our savior, Jesus Christ.  It is an honor for us to serve you.  Stay in your car and allow us to load you up with blessings!!