Live Expectantly

As a kid, we all looked forward to summer time. I don't think it was just the fact that we were out of school. There was a sense of expectancy and hope that accompanied the beginning of June. As the summer stretched before us, the possibilities seemed endless! Whether we took trips with our families or spent extra time with friends, summer held a promise of good things that could leave a mark on our lives forever.

As Christians, we can live all year long with that same wonderful feeling of expectancy. Our God is always giving good and perfect gifts and experiences that will leave us and our world forever changed (James 1:7).

This summer God has shown up in so many ways and places. In Tennessee, He touched the hearts of our teens and reminded them that they are not alone in following Him.  He reminded our women at a cookie decorating party that they have friends "in their boat" who will help them go to Jesus when storms arise. He encouraged and strengthened teens and adults at Camp Caraway. He fed thousands of people in our own gym.

Are you living with your eyes open, expecting God to change your life and this world? If not, you're in the perfect place to start! Get ready to be amazed, with God the possibilities are endless!

Ministry Spotlight:
  • Victor and Heather Kirkpatrick were baptized
  • Alana Johns was baptized
  • 6 new folks placed membership at NCCOC
  • 13 kids and 6 adults went to Impact in Tennessee
  • More than 60 kids learned about God at Camp Caraway
  • Over 300 families were served at each of our June and July clothing giveaway
  • Several blankets, slippers and dolls have been made for local nursing homes by our Needles and Knots group
  • 1073 families were served at our June food giveaway
  • 1047 families were served at our July food giveaway
  • We have had great fellowship on Sunday nights at our Summer Socials

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