Attacked - December and January 24


What a beautiful December we had at NCCOC. God moved in such big ways; blessing families with Christmas gifts, giving away over a hundred thousand pounds of food, and a beautiful worship service for hundreds of people to celebrate the birth of our Savior on Christmas Eve. God blessed the Church and the community in North Canton.    

Then January hit.  The boiler quit working, pipes burst and the sprinkler system went down.  It felt like our church family was under attack.  There are two reactions to being attacked - tuck and run or fight.  Let me tell you this Church came to fight. We fought to make sure our Church got to meet - even if it was across the street.

The Church fought to keep the building safe as person after person volunteered their time to “keep watch” even spending the night at the building. We fought to host funerals and a food giveaway. Members used their talents to check pipes and valves to make sure everyone was safe.  Men came in to clean up water and  the messes that came with it. All of these things could have been looked at as  road blocks, however, God allowed our Church to use these things like stepping stones - steps toward love, unity, and beautiful relationships. This month reminded me of the words of Joseph, “What you intended for harm, God intended for good...”(Gen. 50:20).

I’m so thankful to be a part of the Church that isn’t scared off by fiery arrows. What a beautiful picture of God making all things work together for good! Want to be a part of this family who fights together?  Talk to our Elders to see where you fit in!

Ministry Spotlight:
  • In 2023 NCCOC served 1,500,000 pounds of food!
  • In 2023 NCCOC served 41, 535 individuals and 14,564 families!!
  • Over 500 children were given Christmas gifts through our stocking stuffer giveaway
  • We had a full house on Christmas Eve!
  • 1286 families were served this month at our food giveaway.
  • 165,000 pounds of food was given away in January.
  • 416 families served at the clothing giveaway in Dec.
  • 77 seniors got food boxes
  • 273 families were served at the clothing giveaway in Jan.
  • Teen small groups began last week with an averages 23 teens attending
  • Over 140 backpacks  full of food were given to local elementary children EACH WEEK
  • Love Packages has collected 1507 books and 143 Bibles

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