Our Story Isn't Over

Story time is a pretty big deal at our house right now. There is excitement every time we open a book.  Some evenings, when a story is too long or little eyes can’t stay open, we stop in the middle and leave the rest for tomorrow.  Whether it’s seeing if the hero will save the city or if Jonah will get out of the big fish, we almost cannot wait to see how the story will play out.  Our Church just finished THE STORY curriculum where we went through the Bible in chronological order.  We got to see God’s rescue plan unfold starting with the fall and going through the early church.  It has touched my heart to see that God goes to such great lengths to be with His people.  The exciting part is God’s story isn’t finished.  It is still being written through you and me.

I see Him reaching the lost and loving His people in so many ways. I see Him rescuing people from sin every time someone steps into the baptistry and gives their life to Jesus. He was touching hearts as our teen girls spent the day reminding other teens that they are not alone and that God is with them.  I see Him showing up and reminding families that they are loved in our gym as we hand out school supplies. He gives hope to mothers who had been worrying about what their kiddos would eat by placing nutritious food into their cars. He comforts little children when backpacks of food are brought to their schools to make sure that their bellies are full over the weekend.  Just like the nights at our house that the story has to pause, I cannot wait to see how God’s story will play out through His church and through you!

Ministry Spotlight:
  • Marissa Keating was baptized 
  • Our back to school blast served over 500 people 
  • Over 300 families were served at each of our August and  September clothing giveaway
  • Teen small groups have begun
  • Several of our young families enjoyed water day
  • Our cast your nets program wrapped up in September with 32 attending the luncheon
  • We have collected 452 books for our Love Packages Project (48 are bibles)
  • Over 40 women attended our ladies Bible class
  • Our food givewaway served 1195 families in August
  • 151 Back packs of food were given to our local schools this month
  • Over 30 teens attended our summer “tribes”
  • Our Needles and Knots delivered 70 laprobes, 70 walker bags, 36 blankets, 36 dolls and 36 slippers to 7 nursing homes and 3 children’s hospitals

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